Favorites Quotes from The Herd

As many of you know I am an avid fan of and listen daily to The Herd (Colin Cowherd) (formerly on ESPN now on FX1) every morning. Ok, I know this will make me a total weirdo (and I'm not ashamed at all) but I will often jot down a quote from the show … [Read more]

The Old Guard and The New Guard

For years, the former ESPN radio show host, Colin Cowherd would talk about "The Eyeball Test". Most of the time, you can just watch a basketball game and tell within a few minutes who the better team is and more often than not, that team wins. Well, … [Read more]

Callidus Agency – 2015

Well, it's been some time since I've written a blog post here but all I can really say is life has been busy! I am going to try and keep these articles a little shorter moving forward. I have really enjoyed writing them and can't wait to try and … [Read more]

How to Make Money as an Actor

One of my fellow talent agency colleagues has a saying that I have always thought was hilarious, "This isn't the Make a Wish Foundation; we're not here to make dreams come true. We're here to make a profit!" Unless you're a well-known actor or … [Read more]

Networking as an Actor

I have had two questions come in recently that I thought I might try and tackle in one blog post. These questions relate to networking as an actor: Question 1 - I am wondering how do I, as an actor, network the most effectively, so that I can … [Read more]

Let’s Stop The Fees – Please!

A Case Study Against Texas Talent Agencies Posting Actor Profiles Publicly on Their Websites (and Charging a Service Fee) Texas is such an amazing state! It's a wonderful place to live and an even better place to own a business. No state income … [Read more]